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Packaging Options


CD/DVD options

  • White CD with full color printing
  • White CD with black and white printing
  • Silver CD with full color printing
  • Silver CD with black and white printing
  • Reflective CD’s non printable
  • Blank printed CD silver or white (perfect for archiving company files or on going projects)
  • White DVD with full color printing
  • White DVD with black and white printing


CD stack


We print directly onto the disc face with a high quality Inkjet printing to give your project a professional look.


CD/DVD Insert Options

  • 2 Panel Insert
  • 4 Panel Folded Insert
  • Tray card


landshark album art


We are willing to design custom insert options for your particular needs, simply call and describe your ideas and we’ll design a packaging option suited to your needs. We also offer several paper options, including glossy, cardstock and colors.


Packing Options

  • Spindle (50 size or 100 size, no minimum on orders)
  • Clear Vinyl CD Sleeve
  • Paper Sleeves with clear window
  • CDs on spool
  • Slim Line Case (available in Clear, Black, White, Red, Blue, Green, Purple and Orange)
  • Standard Jewel Case (available with Black, White, Clear, Red, Yellow, Blue or Green trays)
  • 2 CD Jewel Case
  • Flexible Plastic Clam Shell Case (available in Clear, Blue, Green, Pink, Orange, Yellow and Violet)
  • 1 Disc DVD Case (available in Black, White or Clear)
  • 2 Disc DVD case
  • 3 Disc DVD case





We can customize any packaging options for your project; we will work with you to develop your ideas into reality.