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Digital Editing & Transfers

LandShark offers a complete range of Audio and Video Services at reasonable rates and unlike many other companies, we don’t round your fees up to the nearest hour; you only pay for the service we render.


Audio Transfers

Digitally preserve your words and music that are stored away on cassette tape or vinyl records. At LandShark, we can transfer those memories into a digital format providing you with a format of your audio that will last forever, we can also author it into a professional audio CD. We will even go the extra step of registering the audio with databases such as iTunes and titling all of the CD’s tracks.






Video Transfers

Preserve your home movies for life, or turn that video you shot into a DVD that will impress clients or make you the envy of Youtube. We can transfer your video from old VHS tapes or mini-DV tapes and burn it onto a DVD, even adding your photographs for a digital slide show. Or if you require, edit it into a clean and smooth final product, with a professional look that will get your job noticed.






Photo Transfers and Slide Presentations

Let us take all your family photos and old slides that are piling up in your closet and falling out of old photo albums and preserve them for you and your family to cherish for generations to come. We can scan and arrange all your favorite photos and slides and present them on CD files that you can give to each family member. We can also arrange your images with captions and music to make the perfect DVD slide presentation. We will collaborate with you to make your presentation the highlight of any corporate seminar or special family gathering.






All services start at $50/hr, but please call for package deals on specific projects.